Purchase a Stackable Laundry Combo

A portion of the Mission’s purpose statement shares that we “promote accountability” to our clients. We believe that every person was created on purpose for a purpose! While staying at the Mission, it is our goal to help our guests with accountability. We do not operate as a flop house. Everyone has chores. Everyone pitches in.

Part of that accountability comes from maintaining their own laundry and helping each other with laundry. The need to #supplyOURshelter is for 7 of these stackable washer/dryer units so that clients can sign up for slots and do their own laundry. These industrial machines are built with durability in mind and will help reduce the number of machines we currently purchase at home improvement stores.

The right equipment for our new shelter is so important and we thank you for partnering with us to care for up to 100 men, women and children nightly at our shelter! Thanks for helping to #supplyOURshelter.

  • NEED: 7 stackable washer/dryer combo units
  • COST PER UNIT: $7,205
  • TOTAL COST: $50,435



Watch the video here

And if you are ready to contribute, please give using this link below or send your gift to the Mission

Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley 962 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Youngstown, Ohio 44510


Thank you and God bless. If you have questions, please call our CEO at 330-744-5485. John would be happy to talk with you!